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News — Power Rangers Movie

Megazords, Falconzords and more! Power Rangers toys from the new movie in stock!

Falconzord Interactive Megazord Interactive Movie Megazord Legacy Falconzord Megazord Movie Megazord Power Rangers Power Rangers Movie

The Power Rangers are back and the new movie is scheduled be released with much fanfare on March 23, 2017. With it comes a full line of Power Rangers Movie toys, including a giant Interactive Movie Megazord standing over 14" tall and featuring 5 small Ranger figures. With blinking lights, battle sounds and fold out wings, the giant Movie Megazord is sure to be the defender of any Power Rangers collection. Also in stock is the Power Rangers Movie Legacy Falconzord, with articulated wings and talons. The Falconzord features a premium metallic paint scheme and die-cast parts. Check out all of the Power Rangers toys at ToySniper.Com! https://www.toysniper.com/search?q=power+rangers  

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