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Marvel Universe Movie Release Date Calendar

Ant Man and the Wasp Black Panther Movie Captain America Civil War Doctor Strange Movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Infinity War Spider Man Movie Thor Ragnarok Movie

Marvel has some big plans for expanding the Marvel Universe over the next few years. Each film, of course, is expected to be accompanied by a new line of collectibles and licensed merchandise. Sign up with us at ToySniper.Com to be notified of the new merch as it arrives.

Here is a quick reference release date calendar for the Marvel Universe movies in the pipeline:

May 6th, 2016: Captain America: Civil War

November 4th, 2016, Doctor Strange

May 5th, 2017, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

July 7th, 2017: Spider-Man

November 3rd, 2017: Thor: Ragnarok

February 16th, 2018, Black Panther

May 4th, 2018, Avengers: Infinity War Part 1

July 6th, 2018 - Ant-Man and The Wasp

May 3rd, 2019, Avengers: Infinity War - Part 2

March 8th, 2019, Captain Marvel

July 12th, 2019, Inhumans

Of note is the new Spider-Man reboot which has now been announced for July 7 of 2017. Spidey will make his Marvel Universe cinematic debut in Captain America: Civil War and give us a taste of what to expect out of Tom Holland in the upcoming crossovers.

Also of interest is the upcoming Doctor Strange film, set to release just days before the presidential election later this year. With the talented Benadict Cumberbatch appearing as Stephen Strange, fans expectations will be high.

It will be interesting to see how all the new characters tie in together in the ever expanding Marvel Universe. It looks like some great casting decisions have been made for the upcoming films and Marvel fans have a lot to look forward to.

Check back soon for the Marvel X-Men movie release date calendar.

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Thanks to Denofgeek for the release dates.

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